Pet Peeves – Things That Irk Diva

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Let’s be real. We all have certain things that irk us. We call them ‘pet peeves’. And I am no different than any other person when it comes to having some of my own. Some are general; others are probably weird to some. Nonetheless, I am going to share some of pet peeves. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t take this as an enhaustive list, just in case I click on you one day for doing something that doesn’t appear below. Also, please don’t take offense if you feel like you fit the category – I probably do something you don’t care for in particular too…no love lost!

Enjoy…and feel free to comment with your own pet peeves.

Until next time…BE EASY, BE BLESSED! ~ Diva

It’s not cool when the person that I’m talking to on the phone just begins to have a conversation with someone else. You don’t say ‘hold on’ or ‘just a minute’ or give any indication that your words are no longer directed to me. It doesn’t irk me until it’s excessive and if I’m sharing something real deep with you, and you interject when I’m in mid-sentence. (You know who you are!)

I’m tired of ppl that want me to do their stuff for free (design/computer work…shameless plug in 3, 2, 1…  If it’s something small and I agree to do it free, cool. Otherwise, don’t get an attitude or complain about having to pay the fees for the quality work. My time is valuable and my work must be good if you asked me to assist you. (I don’t want to get a spanking, so I have to say that this doesn’t apply to my mother…LOL)

This is a big one for me…
WTH were you thinking when you asked that question? Yes, it’s true. I can’t stand ppl that ask stupid questions. I know, I know, you learned that no question is stupid, but if you really think about it, you know thats not true. And DEFINITELY, don’t ask me something in a different way if I just told you. (i.e. I say “I’m about to go to the restroom.” and you ask “Do you have to use the toilet?”…come on!) I would give more examples but I can’t due to possible legal issues of using what others have spoken (even if stupidly). LOL!

I can’t stand stepping on a wet rug! This happens in the bathroom when someone has showered and steps right out onto the rug. I know, this may seem like it’s weird, but I can’t stand it!

Another biggie…
Ok, so I KNOW I’m not the only person that can organize, speak, plan, type, etc. If you are part of the project/plan, pitch in! You can do SOMETHING! God blessed you with some type of skill. So stop being lazy! I’m tired/have issues just like the next person…if we all do a little bit, it can be done.

If you aren’t going to do it or show up, and you KNOW you aren’t, DON’T LIE! (I know that one hit a nerve with someone else)

If you tell someone that you’re going to do something, DO IT! And if you can’t do it, let them know. I mean, it really IS that simple. I can’t stand a person who isn’t dependable. Do you really have to cancel EVERY time? If so, you need not apply in the future.

I am definitely over ppl who put other ppl down to make themselves look good or to apply the CYA principle. Last time I checked, you weren’t invited to walk on the red carpet. You’re not that special! And be sure that you will either need that person in the future and/or someone else will do the same thing to you.

What is up with “baby mommas” who are so ignorant that they don’t want your kids around the new chick even though she’s a much better woman than you’ll ever be (btw, that’s why you’re an EX)? Now, if you have valid reason, I’m not speaking about you. But if the new woman is loving your child(ren), buying them stuff and the kids love her (you know kids will tell everything, the good and the bad)…why are you tripping???

Stop telling me that your “baby momma” or “baby daddy” is no good. They were good at least once, if you get my drift. LOL! For real though, stop sleeping with ppl that aren’t worth it. I meet too many ppl who claim their child’s parent is evil.

To all the wonderful ppl that know that I’ve been working on my weight (17 lbs down and counting…yaaay me!)…I really didn’t ask for you to be my personal trainer/nutritionist. The only person I asked was my mom to help me get started (thank you Mommy). Please keep your comments to yourself. I am not starving myself or working out until I pass out. I am doing what works for this Diva. I love me (ALL of me) but I’m trying to maintain and be even more healthy than I already am…if you have an issue with my body, write a blog about it…don’t ride me! I know more than one person other than myself who likes it AND respects it.

This is more something that irks me rather than a peeve…
Why is it that the same ppl that told me 2 years ago “don’t rush to get married, you have time” are the same ppl that now say “when are you gonna get married, you know you’re getting older”. Seriously???

And here’s the peeve that goes along with the above irker (new word LOL)…
Stop asking me when I’m going to get married/have kids. Stop asking me WHY I’m not married/don’t have kids yet. I am not on a timer and I’m not racing, so no, it does not bother me that my cousin, my brother and anybody else got married before me. And I don’t mind being a bridesmaid AGAIN!

People who can’t control their children. I know I don’t have any, but I just don’t see how I could not control a person who I sacrifice for so that they can have their needs and wants satisfied. I know, they will do some things you can’t control, but if you, as my child, ever yell at me, lay hands on me, utterly embarass me, etc., you may want to find another female caregiver…or else! (that’s all I can put in writing LOL…just let your imagination roam…then roam a little more…and yet a little more…yes, THAT is what I would do)

Here’s one you may be able to identify with…
Why do you think that everybody in church / every Christian is perfect??? Better yet, why do you require us to be perfect, but you, who supposedly knows what IS and AIN’T right, can do what, when and who the heck ever you want? None of us are perfect. Yes, we should do better but God’s still working on me. So stop beating everybody else up when you need to spend that energy cleaning up your own mess.

To all the ill-driving persons who deem it necessary to pull out in front of me while I’m travelling 45mph or more, and cruise at about 10 to 15mph: that’s not cool…ever! And I notice how you seem to do this even though there are no cars behind me. You lose extra points for that!

If you get in the car with me and the music is loud, stop trying to talk over the music. I knew that you were about to get in the car with me; if it was my desire to converse with you, don’t you think I’m swift enough to turn the music down? Or this just might be “my song!” and I’ll be happy to chat with you after it’s gone off. No love lost, just “ssshhh” for a little bit. LOL!

Parents that laugh when their children curse. Nothing further to say on this one.

Why do you always have to top everyone else’s story? You are not that rich, smart or important to have done everything that you claim to have done. If I say I just tasted the new smoothie, you say you tried it before it was even publicy released. If I say I got 3 numbers, you say you got 5 numbers AND 2 email addresses. If I say I went mountain-climbing, you went sky-diving off mountains. For real? Why can’t you just keep it real? You don’t even believe half the stuff you say!

Who are these ppl that think it’s okay to talk loud on their cell phone no matter the location? AND they feel free to use 4-letter words and expletives freely. I don’t care that Shaniqua tried to talk to your man, and I don’t care to hear the exact verbage you used to let her know you didn’t appreciate it. I don’t care that you are pretending to be a big shot business mogul, and I don’t need to know that you just got a promotion. Let’s talk about a little old-fashioned thing called etiquette!

Stop talking about my feet/toes in your native tongue while you’re performing my pedicure. You’re not talking about me? Well speak English so I don’t think you are. My foot may slip and happen to make contact with your face.

Ok, I’m drained now…LOL! I’m about to grab some lunch. Diva is out!


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