**This blog entry imported from my previous blog FYI I’m Erika Online**

Welcome to FYI I’m Erika Online, the blog created by me, Erika aka The Diva!

And it’s been a long time coming. I haven’t blogged in some time, but I have had in my mind to establish “imerikaonline.com” for several months. I know, it’s a cute and catchy play on words. Do you love it as much as I do??? Of course you do!

How often will posts be made on FYI I’m Erika Online???
I’ll be posting here on the blog as I have time with the goal being at least once per week. I know you want to hear from me more often, but I’m one busy Diva (you’ll see that in my next blog “All About Diva”).

What exactly will be posted here on FYI I’m Erika Online???
Well, it’s my blog so I will post whatever’s on my mind/whatever is hot in my POV at the time. This will include topics like politics, religion, fashion, music, FYI’s, news stories, specials I’m running with my graphic design biz and what’s going on in my life.

Thanks for stopping by…and I invite you to follow my blog. You won’t get a million dollars or help a child who is dying from some rare disease…but you’ll be on the Diva’s List!

Until next time…be easy, be blessed!
~ Diva ~


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