All About Diva

**This blog entry imported from my previous blog FYI I’m Erika Online**

Ok, yes you’re right…there is NO WAY that one blog could tell you ALL about any individual…especially a female…especially said DIVA! So, I guess a more appropriate title might be something like “Some Stuff That Diva Would Like To Share About Herself”. Alright, enough of that…get ready for this journey into Diva-dom! 

Okay, so I’ll start with a sort of bio…
: Erika Theresa Neal (yes, that’s what the T stands for)

Aliases: Erika T. Neal, E, Diva, Miss E Diva, E Diva, T-Neal, E.Neal, E Diva Dolla (ok the last one’s fake LOL)

Birthday: September 23rd

Sign: Virbra (I’m on the cusp, so I’m a Virgo-Libra)

Birthplace: Winter Park, Florida (yes, a Florida native – born and raised)

Current City: Orlando, Florida

Elementary School: Killarney Elementary, Hungerford Elementary

Middle School: Maitland Middle

High School: Winter Park HS (Go Wildcats!)

College: Florida A&M University (Forever a Rattler!)

Religious: I’m a Christian and I attend New Warner Chapel Primitive Baptist Church in Winter Park where Dr. Mitchell L. Dawkins, Sr. serves as Pastor – I grew up in Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Winter Park; the late Rev. Leroy Hendrix was my Pastor

Professional: Almost 10 years of computer support experience…Almost 10 years of graphic design experience…10 years of administrative/office experience

Now…here’s some other interesting stuff…at least I think it’s interesting…

  • Life makes no sense without a sense of humor…enjoy life no matter what! It could always be worse.
  • I have a very great and sarcastic sense of humor
  • I love to travel!
  • I work full time for the District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office
  • I work part-full time doing graphic design (check my business site
  • I volunteer and am very involved at my church (yes, I did the church site
  • I’m the most fly geeky chick you’ll ever meet i.e. The Geeky Diva
  • I am afraid of dogs, spiders and snakes
  • I love learning new stuff about pretty much any subject…I’m very open-minded.
  • Chicken is my favorite meal starter – Fish is my least favorite
  • I don’t have any children but have 4 Godkids, a bunch of nieces and nephews, plus a plethora of other surrogate children…Erika loves the kids! (never wanted to have kids before I got married and I’m not married…YET)
  • I can’t do a cartwheel
  • I’m very outgoing…I can’t/don’t like to sit still too long
  • My favorite color is pink…fuschia is the fave shade

Alright…that should be plenty (probably too much) of info about me. Until next time…be easy, be blessed! ~ Diva


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