Diva’s Shout Outs: August 2010 Edition

**This blog entry imported from my previous blog FYI I’m Erika Online**

Welcome to the August 2010 Edition of Diva’s Shout Outs!

I was raised with good manners, knowing that you should always say thank you when someone extends kindness to you. And, as a Christian chick, I have learned that you should give honor where honor is due (yeah, that’s not KJV…lol).

So today, I am taking time out to openly thank some of the people who have helped me out in life. I’ve done this type of thing a few times before on my previous blogs/social sites, and as always, I know I can’t list every single person here. So if I forget you, I apologize…that doesn’t mean that what you did or said didn’t have a great impact on me. These are not really in a particular order either.

First and foremost, I always have to thank God. Without Him, I would not be the Diva that I am. He’s done too much for me to even begin to list here…He is the source of my everything and everything that I think I am.


  • Ms. Lula, my mommy, is next on the list. Thanks for having me, putting up with me, guiding me, encouraging me and letting me borrow money when I was down and out. And thanks for not letting me do everything that I wanted to do when I was in high school…enough said!
  • My Aunts, Eva & Nita…I love y’all like my other mommas. I have learned a lot from you both and I’m glad I am blessed with such awesome aunties!
  • Zahrya aka My Ziggy…I love you for being you. You always put a smile on my face. Thanks for loving Erika even when she’s not being Diva. And thanks for watching Kya for me all they time.
  • Bryanna, my first baby…I love you for being a little Diva from the time you were about 2 years old. Thank you for your encouragement and laughter…even now that you’re a teenager. *tear*
  • Rych, my boo…thank you for re-opening my mind to the fact that I am a Diva and I can accomplish the goals that I’ve always had. Thank you for your love, joy and lessons in life.
  • Keisha, the sister thats not my sister…thank you for getting us in trouble in high school so much (lol). JK! Thanks for being closer to me than even many “real” sisters are. And thanks for having my babies!
  • Rickey & Renee…thank y’all for being wonderful together! Rickey, thank you for being my overprotective little/younger brother, and for looking out for me all the time. Renee, thanks for being so sweet to my brother…and thank you for praying with AND for me, and for showing young ladies that we can be ‘souled’ out for Christ too.
  • Ellnar, my crazy cousin…thank you for being crazy/silly/whatever you wanna call it. And thanks for coming through when I need you. I love you! (and thanks for having babies that I can borrow…not DJ tho LOL)
  • Selina aka The Queen…I’m glad that we don’t always agree because that let’s us know that we are true friends because we can still keep it moving. I love you and thank you for the fun, the heart-to-hearts, the sleepovers and everything else you’ve done for me. Except laughing uncontrollably at me. Its great working with you (even tho I do most of the work)…they ain’t ready!
  • Tiana…thank you for being that REAL friend who cared more about who God wanted me to become than who I was being. You’re a great Ambassador who had a huge impact on my decision to be a true follower. We don’t talk that often, but when we do, its like we don’t even miss a beat. I love you forever!
  • Amanda aka Ms Diamond (lol)…thank you for being one of my ‘special’ friends. Thanks for all the great times and helping me enjoy the last half of my 20s. You’re the most loving and ’bout it mom around…WP mayne!
  • Brooke aka Ms Fancii…thanks for believing in me and pushing me to do things that I have never done. Thank you for allowing Asiah to be part of my life too (I LOVE YOU ASIAH!). And thanks for being real…that’s priceless.
  • Cherish…what can say about Ms Fierce??? Thanks for holding down the sopranos…lol! Ok, for real, thank you for being another one of my ‘special’ friends. Always crunk, always ready, always supportive…and thanks for being Jada’s momma (God’s got somebody! LOL!)
  • Kim…since we met so many years ago, we have been inseparable even though we’re apart in distance. Thank you for being the realest, for knowing “the other E” and being my ride or die anyway. Thank you for all the wild out type fun…and thanks for growing up with me (can’t do it like we used to!). And thank you for my Godbaby…I love you both!
  • Rico…thanks for always being a true friend to me. Thanks for being there for me when I cried and for helping save me from me…I don’t think you or anybody else knows that you were there for me in times/situations that nobody else was there for me. I love you and appreciate you and your sense of humor.
  • Dr. Mitchell L. Dawkins, Sr., my pastor…thank you for the spiritual and real-life teaching. I am so blessed to serve under your leadership and sit under your teaching. Though many might say I am blessing to the ministry that you lead, you are blessing to me. I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it!
  • Melanie Dawkins aka “Mo D”…thanks for being my spiritual mother and sister. Thanks for the encourgement and for doing it with love and a smile. You’re a busy lady, but never too busy to take (or return) my calls and now, my text messages. I love you!
  • Whitney…thank you for being you! You have an oustanding spirit! Thank you for being the person that doesn’t just talk about things, but makes it happen…and with style and joy! Believe it or not, you’re a great encouragement to me. Thank you and I love you!
  • Kesha Ramsey (lol)…Kesh, you know I love you. You are a wonderful and beautiful person; you’re such an encouragement to me…through what you say AND what you do. Thanks for being cool with me.
  • Gerald Ramsey (lol again)…thanks for being my friend when I didn’t want to be Diva. Thanks for listening and caring about me when I was down and out…and for not  beating me over the head, but giving the “you already know what you should do” encouragement. You’ll never know how much of an impact you had on this Diva’s life.
  • Ms. Simone…I love you so much because you are so real about life. Thank you for appreciating me; that is such a BIG encouragement because sometimes I really don’t feel like it…just a few words make a huge difference. And thanks for having (as Nikki says) “sick shoe game”!
  • Sister Grier…thanks for treating me like I was who God was getting me ready to be, even when I wasn’t even thinking about that. Thank you for your love and encouragement through the years. I love you so much! And thanks for blessing us with Micha!
  • Jacqueline King…you know you ain’t got no sense, right? And I love you for it! Thank you for being so real with it; that’s so beautiful to me. And thank you for being my observation partner in church…don’t sit by me no mo’ tho! LOL!
  • Dexter Lewis…thank you for your smile and your joy. Your encouragement stopped me from doing things that I would have regretted, things that would have moved me from my blessed place. Thank you…I love you and appreciate you.
  • Edith, the other “E Diva”…thanks for your joy, great joy! I also thank you for being a great example; you have encouraged me through the way you handle yourself, spiritually and physically. I love you!
  • Patrick aka The Baby Daddy…thank you for your love and encouragement, even from back in the day as my VP of the YAMs. And thank you SO MUCH for all the fly hair styles…a Diva’s gotta have the hair right. I love you and thank you for being who you are, and for all the real talks we’ve had. Not for being that dude I was getting the emails from and didn’t know who it was…
  • Elder Bostick…thank you for your no-nonsense approach…thank you for encouraging me to “get into the Word”…and thank you for all the laughs!
  • Cat…thank you for being so down to earth. You have encouraged me so much; thank you for that b/c you do it and ppl don’t even have to know. And thanks for giving me opportunity to tell short jokes (you along with Brooke…LOL)
  • Trena Rene…thank you for the encouraging conversations over the phone and via email; that was exactly what I needed. I appreciate you checking on me. And thanks for your support through the years; it’s good to have someone able AND dependable on your team.
  • Will aka Big Will…ok, I stopped counting the years but we’ve known each other for a long time. Thank you for being who you were back at WPHS…thank you for sharing joy and pain with me. I thank God that He allowed our paths to cross, not once, but twice in life…thanks for being true blue. Big hugs and much appreciation to you.
  • Christian…I can’t say aka Daddy on here, so I won’t…thank you for listening/reading my issues and giving insight when needed. Thank you for your love, respect and like-mindedness…it may seem funny that I can appreciate you as much as I do…but I truly do appreciate you more than you know.
  • Cedric…thank you for opening my mind and my heart. Your encouragement and wisdom, given so gently, are still working in my life. Thank you so much and I love you for all that you’ve blessed me with.
  • Jenny Sanders…thank you for telling me straight up that I was wrong even when I denied it…God brought me around eventually. I love you and care about you…so we may need to flip the script, ya feel me?
  • Ms. Caroline aka The Insurance Lady…thank you for being such a great encourager to me. You have been/are a blessing to me, my church, my pastor and my business. Thank you so much! (www.theinsuranceladyinc.com)
  • The NWC YAM, past and current…it’s so encouraging to me to see that there are other ppl like me: Renee N., Rickey N., Anthony W., James R., Amanda P., Brooke B., Cherish B., Toya W., Trena W., Bianca J., Kelsia G., Mesha S., Jabori C., Norwood J., Whitney R., Keisha W., Patrick D., Cat B., and all the others who need to get back active
  • Ms. Nell Atkins, my Godmother…thank you for accepting the job of taking care of me. I am so blessed to have had you there all these years; some things would not have happened if it weren’t for you. I appreciate everything you have ever done for me and my family. I love you for allowing yourself to be so loving!
  • Arden M/O…thanks for working with me, and bringing an air of humor. I appreciate your encouragement and kind words, both on and off FB (lol). And for helping me fill my friend diversity quota…LOL! Keep on keepin’ it real!

And to some other people that have given me a minute, a moment or a decade of love…
– my girls from WAY back in the day…Charla, Mary, Regina, Rosana, Clarissa, Rita…still love ya’ll…see ya on FB!
– Todd, thanks for all that you invested…I appreciate it
– Andre H., thank you for your respect and the many days you made me smile
– my boys from the Hill…Mr. Rackley, Mr. Russ, Mr. Robinson…thanks for letting me hang with y’all
– Bruce, Mr. Ivey…thank you for everything! We don’t talk much but you always look out for me. I ‘preciate cha!
– Carlos / Los…thank you for your senseless sense of humor, your respect and your big hugs. And for allowing the memory of E Class to live on (lol)
– Cyril…thank you for opening up to me and allowing me to open up to you. You’re always in my heart!
– Rob P. – thanks for helping with all the computer issues and ID10T errors. Nobody can do it like you – pick on me but teaching me how to see the real me, all while making me laugh at myself. Thank you!
– all of my teachers (even the ones who were prejudiced towards the only Black girl in honors Algebra)
– all my New Warner Chapel Church Family, past and present…no Chapel like it!
– the ppl at Bethel MB Church for starting me on my spiritual journey…firm foundation = priceless!

Thank you to those that I mentioned, and to those that I didn’t mention, for whatever small or large thing you have done to make me who I am today. I appreciate you and am grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Until next time…Smooches! ~ Diva


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