Diva Says VOTE!

**This blog entry imported from my previous blog FYI I’m Erika Online**

Most of the time, I don’t talk politics. Why? Because it seems that every time I do, I get into a debate or heated discussion about the issues and candidates that I support. I’m a peacable person for the most part, so I choose to skip the drama. BUT I do my political due by voting in every national and local election, and passing info along about voting and issues that I believe affects our communites and middle and lower class citizens.

So today’s blog isn’t meant to be amusing. My purpose today is to encourage you to get out and vote. Whether you ROCK THE VOTE, RAP THE VOTE or SALSA THE VOTE…go VOTE!!!

Election Day is November 2nd. If you want to beat the crowds, be like Diva and vote early. Voting early will help you avoid the mass traffic and it will insure that you don’ t run into any last minute mishaps.

If you aren’t aware of the candidates and issues, put Google to some worthwhile use and do a little research. Its worth it to spend at least a few minutes to prepare and educate yourself.

You can also search online for early voting locations, find out your district (yes you need to know this so you can know your candidates), and even get a guide for recommended voting from your political party.

My final words today, compliments of Mr. Combs aka Diddy, encompass an idea that I try to live by:
If you continue to look around our society, our communities and our nation and want things to progress, then get out and do your part. Get over just talking about what needs to be done and do what you can do…it takes individual voters to make a world of impact!

Deuces n Smooches ~ Diva


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