Resolutions of a Diva

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a MERRY NEW YEAR and hope that you had a HAPPY *belated* Christmas!

I am very thankful and grateful that I have been blessed this past year in many ways, and that I am still being blessed even now. When I look at the year in review (and past that too), I can only give thanks to God for keeping me.

In the upcoming year, I will attempt to get back to writing an entry at least one time a week, even if it’s short and sweet. I have some new ideas for the new year, so stay posted. I’m not much into the whole ‘new year’s’ resolution thing…I’m just into always striving to do better. Yes, the new year is a great starting point but there’s nothing wrong with having an idea and putting a plan into action any other time.

One thing I may do here is a diary/journal of a sort…I still have to decide whether or not I’m up to it and want to divulge the info just yet.

Here are some other items that I’m striving to do better/more in future:

– I want to not get so attitudinal with ppl so quick (Yes, ‘attitudinal’ is a word…I’ve been using it for years.) – I’ve always had a quick temper, which I was doing much better with because I prayed to do better but I see that I’ve started back slipping.

Spend more time with my family and friends – each day, we’re closer to death so make the days you live count with those you love

Increase my retirement and savings contributions – self-explanatory

Eat healthy more often– I LOVE veggies, fruit and chicken! But I also love cake, fries and ice cream. Diva is getting more years under her belt; she’s gotta take more care of herself AND make sure her belt continues to fit

Do the BEST at everything that I am involved in – I pretty much do this now and always have, so this is more like a continuation of me being OCDiva of the Year (see the cute way I joined OCD and Diva together? I know! I am just SO cool!)

Exercise more physically, mentally and spiritually
  > Physically – do some activity on purpose at least 3 times a week – dancing anyone??? I just have to make time to do it
  > Mentally – I plan to stimulate my mind by doing more word games (yaaay), taking a course every 4 to 6 months and whatever other activities I can conjure up
> Spiritually – getting even more into The Word and getting back to fasting with prayer, which I used to do on the regular

– Last but not least, I will enjoy being Diva more! I do a lot and sacrifice for others while I neglect me. So I will be taking more Diva time outs to preserve and present myself better.

As I said before, I am always trying to be better at everything, so the above list isn’t exhaustive. Those are just some “big ticket items” on which I’ll be focusing.

I thank you for reading my blog so very much and look forward to blogging in the future.

Have fun ~ Be safe ~ Be blessed!

Deuces n Smooches for the New Year! ~ Diva


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