Diva Goes Hard for 30!

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Happy 2011!!!
We are 4 days into the year and I am amped! I had a great New Year’s celebration but, as always, I am very glad to be back at home. This is my NYE pic before dinner …yes, I love to dress up! Hello…I’m a Diva!

In my last post – Resolutions of a Diva – I mentioned sharing a particular item here on my blog. I have decided to go for it. As the title of this post states “Diva Goes Hard for 30“, that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing. What?? Oh, you want details. Sure, no problem!

Today, January 4, 2011, is my official first day of “going hard for 30 days“. What the heck does that mean???There are several things that I will be focusing on, but the biggest is my physical fitness.  Each week, I will post a progress report with photos on how it’s going. I’ll also be posting a video link which I hope works. The first photos and video links are below the progress report further below.

Why did I decide to share this? Well, because it gives me more of a challenge to know that I’ll be posting my progress. It gives me more motivation to stay on task.

I will be doing the following for the physical portion of DGH30 (Diva Goes Hard for 30):
exercise a minimum of 3 hours a week plus crunches and weights – goal is 1 hour each on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday with crunches/weights/strength training on other days
eating healthier – more veggies, fruit and protein / less sugar and unhealthy carbs, maybe some fish (which those who really know me understand I don’t really “do” fish)

The other areas that I will be focusing on in this session of DGH30 are:
Spiritual development – reading the Word and praying more
Financial development – “financial fast” – purchase no extras, only what I need for 30 days so I can put more into savings and get closer to my overall goal – no shoes either

This is what I will report each week…

DGH30 PROGRESS REPORT – 01.04.2011
[Physical 18 pts]
  – Weight: 255lbs / Score: 10 of 10 (being nice to myself)
  – Exercise score: 2 of 10
  – Healthy Eating score: 6 of 10
[Spiritual 10 pts]
  – Reading the Word score: 5 of 10
  – Fervent Praying score: 5 of 10
[Financial 14 pts]
  – Spending habits score: 6 of 10
  – Saving score: 8 of 10
[Other 20 pts]
  – Attitude/Temper Control: 7 of 10
  – Staying on Task/Not Procrastinating: 6 of 10
  – Planning/Organizing: 7 of 10
– Weight goal for day 30 is 247lbs which is a loss of 2lbs per week but I will remember to take into account that I’ll be building muscle which weighs more than fat…the proof will be in the pics 
– I will definitely go beyond 30 days with everything that I am beginning/continuing…I am just doing it very intense for the first month
– Uploading the video was a LOT of work…gotta work on making that easier!
[Video Links]
DGH30 Intro – MOV file
DGH30 Intro – FLV file
DGH30 Intro – MP4 file

Have a great week and be sure to make each moment count!

Deuces & Smooches! ~ Diva ~ Going Hard for 30


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