Diva Goes Hard for 30 ~ 7 Days In


**This blog entry imported from my previous blog FYI I’m Erika Online**

Please refer to my Diva Goes Hard for 30 post to see why/how I’m tracking my progress this month for thirty days.

***Today is 11111 (1/11/11)…don’t you love anomalies and palindromes? Ok, it’s just me.***

Report from 1/4/2011 to 1/7/2011
TOTAL SCORE THIS WEEK: 86 of 100 (up 24 pts from start date)
[Physical 25 pts]
  – Weight: 252 lbs / Score: 10 of 10 (lost 3 lbs!)
  – Exercise score: 8 of 10 (did all but 1 scheduled workout)
  – Healthy Eating score: 7 of 10 (still working on it)
[Spiritual 18 pts]
  – Reading the Word score: 9 of 10 (missed 1 day)
  – Fervent Praying score: 9 of 10
[Financial 18 pts]
  – Spending habits score: 10 of 10 (didn’t buy anything unnecesary)
  – Saving score: 8 of 10 (didn’t save as much as I planned)
[Other 25 pts]
  – Attitude/Temper Control: 9 of 10
  – Staying on Task/Not Procrastinating: 7 of 10
  – Planning/Organizing: 8 of 10
– I lost 3 pounds already! Very excited about that because I’m off to a good start.
– Feeling a LOT better because I’ve been exercising and getting more sleep (which should have been in the grading).
– Glad that I’m motivated! All or nothing status!
– Note for those who care: The videos are too time-consuming so the plan is to do one at the end as a summary instead of each week.
– Main improvement goals for the coming weeks: Plan better for my meals. Drink only water. Get on task/not procrastinate.
– Overall goal is to get all 10’s!


[Other – Spark People Web Site]
So, on Day 4 of my journey, I was looking for a workout on YouTube and found a 10-minute cardio kickboxing vid. I liked it and decided to check out the site advertised. And now I am part of SparkPeople.com! This is a free online community that is for those trying to live more healthy. They have tools, trackers, motivations, groups, articles, workout videos, recipes…it’s everything you’d want in an online community at no cost! I like it because it makes me more accountable when I have to track my personal progress each day (what I eat, exercise, etc.) AND I want to do well so my team’s numbers are good too. I’d encourage you to check them out even if you’re not trying to lose weight – you can see what areas you could improve.

When you look back at your life and actions, make sure you are able to see that you made some progress, some contribution, some difference.

Deuces & Smooches! ~ Diva ~ Going Hard ~ Day 8 of 30


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