DGH30 ~ Half-Way There!

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Please refer to myDiva Goes Hard for 30 post to see why/how I’m tracking my progress this month for thirty days.

WOW! I am half-way through my 30-day challenge. It seems like it has been more than 15 days. As I revealed yesterday on my Spark Page (sparkpeople.com ~ my username is missediva), I’ve taken my success thus far and chiseled a
9-month goal: lose 50lbs by the end of September! I can totally do it if I stay on task. One of my fellow SparkPpl has inspired me to get a tape measure so I use more than just my weight to track my progress since, as you’ll see on my progress report, even working hard and eating right doesn’t always move the scale (muscle weighs more than fat).

Report from 1/8/2011 to 1/19/2011
TOTAL SCORE THIS WEEK: 86 of 100 (same as last report)
[Physical 26 pts]
  – Weight: 252 lbs / Score: 10 of 10 (lost 3 lbs so far; no change from last report)
  – Exercise score: 8 of 10 (did all but 1 scheduled workout)
  – Healthy Eating score: 8 of 10 (had a slice of bday cake w/ my girl Selina)
[Spiritual 18 pts]
  – Reading the Word score: 9 of 10 (missed 1 day – gotta do better!)
  – Fervent Praying score: 9 of 10
[Financial 16 pts]
  – Spending habits score: 6 of 10 (yeah, I bombed on this one)
  – Saving score: 10 of 10
[Other 26 pts]
  – Attitude/Temper Control: 9 of 10 (will I ever get a 10 here w/ road rage? LOL)
  – Staying on Task/Not Procrastinating: 8 of 10
  – Planning/Organizing: 9 of 10
– I lost 3 pounds so far but weigh the same as my day 7 progress report. I’ve been working out really hard on my cardio and strength days so I think it’s the muscle weighs more than fat equation that kicked in to make my net weight change equal zero for this week.
– I’m kinda using the mentality of the P90X program by switching up my workouts, which causes the muscles to work at 100% because they aren’t getting used to movements. And no, I am not doing P90X…yet! Once I get a little more fit, then I may employ it.
– Relaxation is an outstanding thing! I got some rest on the days I didn’t feel well and it made a huge difference.
– Doing EXCELLENT on my goal of drinking only water. The only other beverage I’ve had is milk while having cereal and I had OJ once.
– It’s great to be doing so well physically, but it is just as fulfilling (or more) to be growing spiritually! I’m learning about myself more and coming out of some stuff.


[Other – To Do]
– Get a tape measure!

– Re-up on my spiritual music

– Finish learning my new web tool

– Get ahead of the game on some routine tasks/projects

It’s important and fulfilling to do all you can for people. Don’t forget that you are one of those people that you need to do for on a regular basis.

Deuces & Smooches! ~ Diva ~ Going Hard ~ Day 15 of 30 ~ Half-way there!


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