Diva Has Gone Hard for 30 Days!

Well, I have officially made it through my DIVA GOES HARD FOR 30 DAYS self-challenge! Yaaay me! First and foremost, I must say that this has been a LONG 30 days! LOL!

If I’d rate myself overall in a subjective manner, I’d say I did a pretty good job. I have definitely toned up, shed a few pounds, controlled my temper very well and grown closer to God. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I think that will help me to do well for the rest of this year and beyond. And that’s what this challenge was about – proving to me that I can do it and looking back to see that I improved myself overall.

I know, you want me to hush and get to my final report… well, here goes!

Report from 1/27/2011 to 2/2/2011
TOTAL SCORE THIS WEEK: 87 of 100 (up 3 pts from last report)
[Physical 29 pts]
  – Weight: 248 lbs / Score: 10 of 10 (lost 7 lbs total; lost 2lbs from last report)
  – Exercise score: 10 of 10 (missed a cardio day, but made up the following day)
  – Healthy Eating score: 9 of 10
[Spiritual 18 pts]
  – Reading the Word score: 9 of 10 (always room for improvement here)
  – Fervent Praying score: 9 of 10 (ditto the comment above)
[Financial 15 pts]
  – Spending habits score: 5 of 10 (Shoe sales are my weakness!)
  – Saving score: 10 of 10
[Other 25 pts]
  – Attitude/Temper Control: 9 of 10 (had to employ “emergency prayer” to get a 9)
  – Staying on Task/Not Procrastinating: 8 of 10
  – Planning/Organizing: 8 of 10
[Final Notes]
– I lost 7 pounds total which is only a pound less than my 30-day goal…go Diva! I also have slimmed down a bit; I can tell in the way my clothes fit. And I feel SO much better; I have more energy during the days and don’t get winded easily.
– I have learned that I cannot resist a great shoe sale!
– I will continue my health, nutrition and fitness tracking at
www.sparkpeople.com – number 1 health and fitness site!

[Final Pics]


Anyone can sit around and talk about a situation; it’s when you act that you begin to make a difference.

Deuces & Smooches! ~ Diva
~ Signing off from
Going Hard for 30 Days  that was the beginning to the rest of my beautiful life!


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