Divas Get TO’d Too!

**This blog entry imported from my previous blog FYI I’m Erika Online**

First, I must say that I have been maintaining my weight after my 7lb loss (view my previous blogs for info)…yaaay for me because it’s really easy to gain it back. I will be starting ‘go hard – part 2’ soon, and very soon so I can reach my goal by my bday.

Now, on to today’s topic. In the best newspaper in the world, The Orlando Sentinel, they run a column called Ticked Off where ppl can rant about things that have really ticked them off. (They also have The Flip Side, where ppl can give credit to those who have done something worthy)…Now that I’ve given The Sentinel their props so that I don’t get into any legal altercations…LOL

Yes, Divas get Ticked Off too. I know, I know…always a lady…style and grace…yada, yada, yada. I’ve done several blogs/posts/writings on this blog and elsewhere about ppl/things that I’m grateful for. Well, today DIVA is doing her own version of ‘The Flip Side’ by sharing some things that tick her off.

Please keep arms and legs inside the vehicle until the ride has come to a complete stop.

Diva gets TO’d…
– With the ppl who almost run her over in the morning on the way to work. Yes, I know we all have to get to work but I’m going 10 over the posted speed limit!
– With ppl that harass and complain to the employees about prices, policies and such. Do you really think that if I had the authority to set the prices and policies I would be the one dealing with ignorant customers like you? Really???
With baby mamas that don’t allow their children to see their fathers because they have their own issues. It’s not the child’s fault! Let that man who is trying to do what he is supposed to do see his children.
With baby daddies who don’t do what their supposed to do.
When ppl precede their request with, “I really don’t wanna bother you…”. I’m gonna start saying, “Well don’t bother me then”, before they get their request out. LOL!
–  When ppl commit or promise to do something and don’t follow through. AND they don’t call, email, text or FB you to let you know they ain’t gonna do it. Things come up sometimes (not EVERY time); just let me know you can’t do what you said you’d do and we’re cool.
– (this is a big one for me; emergency prayer central) When I have given someone info and then they ask me the same thing that I’ve already told them. I’m not talking about forgetfulness or verifying. I’m talking about the ones who act like you never gave them the info in writing. (Woo-Sah!)
With ppl that lie on me. I know that if you have nothing better to do than lie on me, I must be pretty important to you. But come on; I’m a G.A.W. (the G stands for grown and the W stands for woman – read b/t the lines). I don’t have time for the drama.
– When ppl neglect their children. They need quality time and love more than they need a Wii or the new J’s.
– When ppl tell me that I’m lying. I’m talking about the times that I’m really telling the truth. Like really, why would I have to lie about something trivial? Too fly for that…
– When ppl act like they know EDT (the E is for every and the T is for thing…lol). Sometimes they just need to shut up because we don’t need their two cents on every little thing. And we can tell that 75% of the time, they’re lying anyway. You wanna tell them, “You know you ain’t never bungee jump!”…another Woo-Sah moment .
– (last one…for now) With ppl who expect everyone to be perfect but they are messed up/make mistakes themselves all the time. I mean, they call you out every time you make a typo like it’s the end of the world BUT they put the wrong info on the wrong form with mispellings and bad grammar…but it’s just a little oversight. They make you wanna open up a can!

Okay, so I really had fun doing this blog. LMBO! Even though these are some things that Diva gets TO’d about, I’m still living anyway! In no way do I claim that I am perfect; I make mistakes often (not too often though LOL) and I sometimes make bad judgement calls…but that is another blog.

Have a great weekend; don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (That statement encompasses MUCH less than it did 10 years ago LOL)!

Deuces n Smooches! ~ Diva


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