Think Before You FB

As I was driving in to work this morning, I didn’t have my FM transmitter plugged in so I was forced to listen to the radio. In case you didn’t know, I don’t really wanna listen to ppl talking in the morning; I want music. I end up cycling thru to whichever station has on a song or who is talking about the least boring topic at the time.

Today I settled on Ricky Smiley’s show where his topic was “Facebook is the Devil“. Now this was far beyond boring to me. Well, it had to do with the fact that a young lady who’s boyfriend was FB friends with his ex. The ex would comment and ‘like’ pics of the new couple frequently, which the new lady thought the ex was being funny.

Now, I can’t agree that FB is the devil. There are ppl influenced by the devil on FB though. FB is a what it claims to be: a social networking site. Okay, that’s what it started out being anyway. Now it has become more like an online club of clubs that are making money off the hungry consumers and users who have become hooked. That’s not entirely bad. Some ppl just don’t know how to use it for the purpose for which it’s designed. They take it too far. They let it take them out of their character, or rather they allow themselves to show the negative side of their character too often.  Bottom line is that some ppl just put way too much out there.

I think that my Pastor makes a great point by saying that even when you act a fool, don’t take pics and post them for the world to see. Let me just be real for a moment. I may have had many “wild out” kinda days. Someone can tell you something that I may have done. There are no pics or videos that I posted on any profile (yes, there were social sites before F so I could win in a court of law because there is a lack of evidence against me.

On the radio show, they said something that kinda disturbed me. It was said that there was a pastor who forbid the members of leadership at the church to be on FB. That’s extreme to me. FB has the potential to be negative if you use it that way. Just think, going to the mall has the potential to be a stumbling block if you choose to allow it to be such. For real, you can see a fine man or woman in Walmart or the grocery store and take in the wrong direction if you choose to do so. FB is a web site but it’s a reflection of real life. So don’t do anything on FB that you wouldn’t do off FB. Instead of telling ppl to not be on FB, I would tell them to use it wisely.

Now back to the ex situation. I don’t think it’s always a problem for a person to be friends with an ex on FB. But sometimes it is a problem. When the ex is trying to win them back or disrespects the current partner, that’s a problem. Flirting (on the walls or via inbox msgs) is a BIG problem. If an ex can’t respect your new relationship, they definitely need to be dismissed.

Another reason that would warrant no ex as FB friend is if your new mate is not comfortable with it. That’s point blank. Don’t jeopordize what you have and are building over something that didn’t work out for you anyway.

I love FaceBook and I’ll keep using it until something better comes along. It has allowed me to connect with family members and friends that I didn’t otherwise have access to. It helps me to stay informed on events and keep connected with my church. Yeah, I use it for entertainment as well because I have some friends that post the funniest stuff. And I also use it to let ppl know what I’m up to, how I’m doing and general thoughts at times. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I do think before I FB.

And I’m going to end this blog with a FB PSA…
Do not ever let anything misrepresent your core values.
We all get upset at times. Most of us have enjoyed ourselves excessively. But don’t let a moment of disgust or lapse in judgement scar you for years to come. If I just cursed out 1 person on my status because they pissed me off, a lot of the ppl who thought I was a respectable young lady just changed their minds. Then I turn around and post pics of me with drinks in both hands having a blast in the middle of the club surrounded by guys. Yeah, a pic is still worth a thousand words. And please believe that the words that ppl are saying aren’t the ones you want to have spoken of you.

Deuces n Smooches! ~ Diva


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