Diva’s Reflections: Memories of My Aunt Dot

So it’s been two entire months since I’ve posted! They say that time flies when you’re having fun; well, I can say that it definitely flies when you’re NOT having fun too. I had a few personal things happen back to back and, some, simultaneously (that means at the same time for those who aren’t wordies). But I am blessed, thankful and grateful that I was able to go thru these things and live to see another day. Ya know, a true Diva always bounces back!

Now, on to the meat and potatoes of this post…

This one is dedicated to my aunt, Ms. Evelyn Robinson aka Aunt Dot, who passed recently.

After living with complications of advanced diabetes, God finally called her home to peace. During her service, I was honored to be asked to speak some words about her, which I will basically share here, along with some other sentiments. She was actually my great aunt, but that’s just a technicality…

As far back as I can remember, my Aunt Dot was always there. I remember staying with my grandmother and she and my uncled lived right across the street. When I think about staying overnight at her house, I can see that big bathtub with the feet on it. Those feet kinda scared me but I knew I was okay with my Aunt Dot there.

On some days, my grandmother wasn’t at home and my mom was at work, so we went over to Aunt Dot’s after school. I recall that she would make us some good peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. To this very day, PB&J is still one of my favorite things to eat.

We would always walk the couple of streets over to see Aunt Dot and share with her what was going on with us. One particular Easter Sunday, we walked over to her house to show off in our Sunday’s Best. This was the first year that I was allowed to wear high heel shoes. I’m afraid of dogs and on the way home, a dog got behind us so I had to run home being careful to not lose my new high heel shoes. Everyone always comments on how well I walk in heels now…well, I think that my Aunt Dot played a great part in that because had I not gone to show off my Easter outfit, that whole thing would not have happened.

I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to visit my aunt last year in Atlanta, after not seeing her for some time. Although she had been through many changes, surgeries and illnesses, she still had a very sweet spirit. Although life and circumstances had brought about physical changes, Aunt Dot was still the same loving woman that I remembered.

I’m glad that God allowed her to be so close to me and that I was able to share love with her. She always showed love and joy to us and I appreciate what she poured into my life. On the day that she was laid to rest, it finally kicked in about an hour after I left the grave site…my Aunt Dot has left this world. At that time, I was moved to tears. Then I thought “she’s back with my grandma”…I am teary-eyed again as I write this. That thought, with the knowledge that she’s in ‘the city of no more’ and that I’ll see them both again, gave me peace and comfort to move forward. (This makes this a joyful post, not melancholy as it may seem)

Okay, I’m gonna stop now because I’m getting all emotional again. To everyone who gave prayers, love and support to our family, I say THANK YOU! Please continue to pray for us, especially her two sons.

Until next time, humbled and blessed

Deuces n Smooches ~ Diva


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