Hello World! It’s Diva!

Okay, so this isn’t my first blog but I have manners so I have to speak!

This is a forum for me to be Diva, which is kinda like my alter-ego…ya know, the part of me where the cream rises to the top. Erika is the shy and reserved young lady that was born in the northeast part of Central Florida a few (ok, several) years ago. She still exists as the overall persona that most have come to know but Diva…oh, Diva!…is the part of Erika that allows the creativity that she’s has been gifted with to flow freely. Diva is the part that let’s Erika be a gentle-lady but get her point across. And last but certainly most paramount, Diva allows Erika to not be so timid that she can’t do what divas do i.e. handle business with style and grace with just a dash of sex appeal.

Over the past several months, the ideas of Erika aka Diva (or is that Diva aka Erika?) have been gathering. So instead of sitting on endeavors like I’ve done for so many years, I’ve decided I’m going to move forward with stuff. And why not start with the free stuff like blogging? LOL! I’ve got LOTS of ideas so this is just the beginning. I don’t know what will work and what won’t but as my mother always taught me, nothing beats a failure but a try. I didn’t get it so much when I was younger but now I understand that she was encouraging me to do go for it; if I don’t go for it, how will I know if I could succeed or not? Ok, getting teary-eyed…gotta move on now…

So, with all that said…let’s do this!

P.S. – The “Erika Blog” is pretty cool too, just in case you wanna check it out: http://fyi.imerikaonline.com (say it out loud to get the full creative effect).

Deuces n Smooches ~ Diva


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