Viva La Diva! ~ On the way back up

Wow, a month and a half…really?!?!? Yep, it’s been a month and a half since I posted here. But we can’t change what’s in the past…so, moving right along…

I had some really down days in the interim, ergo the title of today’s post. I choose to try and focus on the positive so I won’t say too much about the negative…speaking life!

Bouncing back is what a Diva does…I thought you knew! At one point it seemed as if things were going backwards for me but my goal is to continue to move forward. My design business is still doing pretty well but I am thinking of scaling back a little for a while to ‘pursue other endeavors’. I wish I had time to do it all simultaneously but not even Divas can pull that off! No, I’m not quitting or ending my design biz, just bringing it down a hundred for a few ticks. What will I be pursuing? I’m not revealing openly yet; only a few individuals know. I’ve gotten not the best feedback so I’m choosing to not share my dreams with non-dreamers anymore right now. Not that these ppl thought I couldn’t do it, they just are more concerned with taking the safe route in life. But if anyone can take a little risk, it’s a Diva with no strings and no kids…if it falls through, I can definitly bounce back (I’m a Diva…remember?) 

The  other area that I’m on the way back up from is dealing with other ppl. What do you mean Diva? Glad ya asked. Well, I had gotten to the point that was “over the BS” that ppl like to be involved in…the drama, the gossip, the lies, the negativity. But I had a lapse and started back worrying about other ppl’s mess. But then I though to myself what good does being privy to all that do me, my goals and my mission in life? None at all! If someone says something about me, I’m VIP! If somebody is always hating on me, that’s motivation (haters get on ya job…T.I.P. forever)! And if they’re just negative, I’m brushing my shoulders off and politely moving away from them. I have enough on my ‘to-do’ list that I don’t need to waste time or energy focused on the mess.

Alrightee then! I’m feeling so much better and so motivated. It’s scary sometimes not knowing what the future holds but knowing Who has got my back, whether I fly or fail, helps a heck of a lot.

Until next time (which hopefully won’t be a month and a half lol)….

    Deuces & Smooches ~ Diva




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