Bacon on a Cupcake?!? ~ Delicioso!

So, I won’t even act like I was overly excited to try a cupcake that incorporated bacon but since I have known the owner of SweetCakes, Etc., I’ve experienced some of the best unconventional “sweet cakes” I’d never imagined.

Sweet Cakes are cupcakes on steroids, but not the illegal steroids that can make you have to renounce your gold medal…but the kind of steroids that make your taste buds float on air. After enjoying one of my favorite combinations, peanut butter & jelly, in a sweet cake, that put me a little more at ease to try the French toast & bacon sweet cake.

At first, I was like “ok, it’s probably not real bacon”, but boy was I wrong! For my first bite, I tasted the cake/frosting portion (no bacon) and it definitely tasted like French toast. So, for my second bite, I included a piece of bacon. All I can say is that I could eat this “breakfast” at least 5 days a week! I finished off my sweet cake in just a couple of minutes, not leaving one bit of bacon behind.

Deuces n Smoochez to SweetCakes, Etc.!

Check out SweetCakes, Etc. to get your own delightfully delectable sweet cakes:
Web Site:


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