Diva’s Spotlight – Building Our Youth

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.”

The above is an excerpt from the hit song “The Greatest Love of All” sang by Whitney Houston, written by Linda Creed and Michael Masser. This is a beautiful song and everyone knew it. Being a young child when this song was released, I learned all of the words but they didn’t have a whole lot of meaning. I knew it was a special song and Whitney could really blow, but I didn’t fully get it.

Now that I’m grown (don’t tell my momma I said I’m grown), I understand the importance of pouring positivity into and showing support to young people. The words of our aforementioned song state that learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. If we don’t build our youth up, teach them respect and show them that they are worth it, how can we expect them to love themselves or show love to others?

Okay, let me get off my soapbox and move along to some young Black individuals who are making a difference in the lives of young people in Central Florida. They all have awesome spirits and are outstanding at developing new and innovate solutions. They exemplify one of my favorite sayings: don’t speak about it; be about it! I’m blessed to call them friends and I wanted to take a moment and give them some virtual applause for a job well done. Keep in mind, this is presented from my POV and there is much more to their stories…

Brooke Brown is the visionary and CEO of Miss Mini Mogul Association. M3 focuses on developing productive young ladies. Discussions about real topics like respecting yourself, etiquette coaching, music lessons and mother-daughter events are only a few of the activities that M3 can boast about. Brooke is a great role model who is stylish (sorry, I had to say it) and true to her word. Basketball ex-wives & girlfriends should take note. I’ve had the honor of seeing the young ladies interact with Brooke and all I can see is a pure love from them to Brooke, which speaks more than any words I could say. M3 of FACEBOOK

Whitney Brown (no relation to Brooke) is the CEO of OH BOY Corp. OH BOY is an acronym for An Organization Helping to Build Our Youth. This entity focuses on putting the FUN in fundraising in order to raise money that goes 100% into helping local youth. Fundraising via fashion shows, casino nights and auctioning dates with local poets have helped to pay for college tours, school supply give-aways and begin to build scholarship funds. Whitney is a bubbly, free-spirited individual who does it big if she’s going to do it. She doesn’t overwhelm herself with doing it by the book because she prefers to write her own chapters, which make the book even more valuable. At the time of this post, OH BOY is accepting donations for the upcoming Back to School Drive.  OH BOY on FACEBOOK

Michael Scott is currently a promising candidate for the District 5 School Board District in Orange County, Florida. Mike  spends much of his time being a mentor and counselor to at-risk young men. He particularly enjoys being a positive role model to those who most of us might write off- Mike and his affiliates actively reach out to young men who are juveniles in the adult penile system of Orange County. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! You’ll have to visit his site to see all of his involvement. What I admire about Mike is that he is a man of his word and he shows each young man love as if he was his own son. MIKE SCOTT on FACEBOOK

I’m glad that there are people like Brooke, Whitney and Mike who count it a privilege to invest in our youth. If you’d like to get involved (volunteer, donate, fundraise, etc.), you can contact them via FaceBook or let me know and I’ll get you in contact with them.

Until next time…Deuces & Smooches! ~ DIVA ~



  1. Ms. Diva … I just love your blog!! It is so well written and “relatable.” As I read it, I feel that we’re two good friends having good conversation over food and drink. (lol). I love how in this blog you shine the light on some individuals who probably don’t care to have the spotlight on them, but they are deserving of it nonetheless. Keep shining the spotlight on positive people and positive things and giving to others … for by the measure that YOU give, it shall be given unto you … pressed down, shaken together, and running over! Until your next blog (blessing) …

  2. Thank you so much for featuring Miss. Mini Mogul on your blog! I am so humbled (eventhough you are my BFF… Lol) Thanks again hun, you are truly appreciated!

  3. patrick

    Congrads ladies so proud of all of you! God bless

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