Diva’s Spotlight- Fla’Vore Productions

“If we are not becoming an advocate for someone else, then our works are not enough. It’s not the works that reward you, but the sacrifice for someone else is what will keep you successful.”

 – Keesha Rivers

I have to start at the beginning, so bear with me…or skip down a few paragraphs to read all about Fla’Vore. Of course, if you skip down, you’ll miss the journey!

This past August, as I was going through one of the lowest points of my life, my BFF, Selina reminded me to go to a plus size model call at our favorite store, Ashley Stewart. I had it in my mind to just stop by and see what it would be like, having never been to a model call before. Little did I know that a door was opening for me to walk through to become a part of…an affiliate of…a family member within the Fla’Vore Family.

Upon being urged by our fav associate, Nikki, I went to the car and grabbed my high heels. I was super nervous, especially after the model trainer, Ayana, ripped the runway and told me to emulate her. I did my nervous laugh…but I got through it. I was so happy that I had done that seemingly small thing. A few days later when I got a call back, I went from my low place to being on cloud nine! I couldn’t believe it! At that point, it was still my choice whether I would participate as a model or not. After learning more about the organization, it was a no-brainer. I was happy to become a part of this family that has lived up to my expectations and beyond by helping me better myself, and by being an amazing community advocate.

Now…I present to some and introduce to others Fla’Vore Productions! I’m just going to tell what I know about the organization i.e. this is not scripted or copied off the Fla’Vore FaceBook page. 🙂

Fla’Vore is an organization comprised of individuals who want to rise and who want to help others in the community rise as well. The activities and events are always with some type of outreach in mind, whether it be something for the youth, helping families, or building individuals. Although I came in with a mind to build my own confidence through being a plus size model, I have gained so much more, both tangible and intangible, from Fla’Vore!


The founder/CEO, Ms. Keesha Rivers, is the epitome of moving forward and going higher, all while being a great help and advocate for others. I have no idea how she does it all, but she pulls it off making it look effortless…and stays fly while doing so!  I have met some of the most beautiful spirits within the Fla’Vore Family in the past several months and I am so blessed to have connected with them along my path. This Diva is totally proud to state #IAmFla’Vore!

Until next time, be happy for what you have…don’t stress over what you don’t have!

Deuces n Smoochez! ~  DIVA ~


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