Diva’s Dime: BillGuard Free Monitoring Service

Sometimes it amazes me when I pause and realized how many low cost and free services there are to help in our day-to-day tasks. Many people say they hate having a bunch of e-mails coming in but if I get something useful once a month, it’s worth it to me.

As I was clearing out my second inbox, I came across a message from the wonderful folks at Daily Worth (http://www.dailyworth.com) that was sitting there waiting to be discovered since February 2nd. The subject: “Who doesn’t want an extra hundred bucks?”. Ya know I had to at least open it and scan it really quick.

billguardEnter BillGuard. This service allows you to register and scan or monitor up to 3 cards for free. You submit your card’s online account information (they get read only access) and they scan to see if there are any fishy looking transactions. Since it was free, I figured it was worth a try.

Although I’m a newbie, I like how easy and quick it was to set up my BillGuard (https://www.billguard.com) account and link my bank debit card. It literally took less than 5 minutes to register, link my bank card and get scan results. I’d say, it’s worth checking into for anyone who has an debit or credit card.

Until next time, use your funds wisely.

Deuces & Smoochez,

Erika aka Diva


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