About Diva

Miss E Diva ~ A Selective Bio

Viva La Diva

Viva La Diva!

Favorite Quotes

Where you go depends on where you stand.

Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Erika was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida and returned to reside in Central Florida (Orlando) after college matriculation. She was a shy little girl who loved to read, listen to music and eat honey buns. Hardly ever the center of attention, she enjoyed alone time where her imagination was a good friend.

As years passed, Erika learned to love herself more and began to come out of her shell. This coming out worked out so well that most people who know The Diva today don’t believe that she could ever claim being shy.

She has always been very close to her family and cherishes the ties that they share. This includes her extended family and those who are ‘life family’ as well. Friendship also means a lot to Erika and she has always attempted to be a great giver, confidant and encouragement to friends, colleagues and just about everyone with whom she’s been in close enough confines.

Although she’s nice, caring and understanding, she also has a temper that is not as quick as it used to be but is a part of being a True Diva. She believes in the adage that there is a time and place for everything, so when it’s time to be about business, it’s time to be about business.


Early in life, The Diva was cited as being a keen student. She has always loved school and her love of learning still keeps her on the move today. If she doesn’t know how to do it, she is certainly willing to try to figure it out.

Schools Attended:

  • Pre-School: Hannibal Head Start (Winter Park FL)
  • Grade School: Killarney Elementary (Winter Park FL) & Hungerford Elementary (Eatonville FL)
  • Middle School: Maitland Middle (Maitland FL)
  • High School: Winter Park High (Winter Park FL)
  • College: Florida A&M University (Tallahassee FL) & course work at Valencia Community College (Orlando FL)


Computer Support – District Nine Medical Examiner, Orlando FL – Title: Business Unit Systems Analyst  (November 2000 to Present)

Administrative – New Warner Chapel PB Church, Winter Park FL – Title: Chief Administrative Officer (August 2000 to Present)

Graphic Design – Design Custom Graphic Creations – Title: CEO & Consultant (August 1997 to Present)


Being creative has always been a forte for the Diva. She said “Hello World” when she built her first web page, simple as it was, in August 1997. This opened a whole new world and there was no turning back.

Design Custom Graphic Creations officially came to be in the early part of 2007. Since that time, many organizations, businesses and individuals have been blessed with the creativity that has flowed from the Diva.

For more information, visit the Design CGC website: www.designcgc.com or call 407-494-4217.


Erika loves to travel, be with family and friends, and enjoy life in general. She understands that although things in life aren’t always what we want or expect, we can still live full and joyous days. A sense of humor is always lurking and smiles can be found in abundance around this Diva.

Her faith in God has allowed her to make it to where she is now and to have a positive outlook on life. She is a believer in Jesus Christ and in the Bible, the Holy Word of God. Claims to be a ‘practicing Christian’ are echoed from this believing Diva because she says that although she’s not perfect, she makes an effort to live as Christ would have her to live.

Music and the arts are also part of The Diva’s passions. You won’t ever find some type of music too far. Whenever time and finances permit, you may find her attending an open mic night, a museum or a live theater performance.


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